About Practitioner

Dr Hui Nie (Nicola)

TCM Dr Hui Nie is a highly qualified practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), trained in both TCM and western medicine. She achieved a PhD degree in Acupuncture from the TCM University in China, as well as being employed as a Vice Professor of the TCM University in China, and working at a university-affiliated teaching hospital in China as a Director Assistant of Acupuncture department. Dr Nie came to UK in 2001, and is now a Member of Association of TCM in the UK. She has over 32 years of practical clinical experience in treating a wide range of illnesses including various difficult and complex cases. She specializes in the treatment of conditions such as depression, stress, menopause and pain management (amongst others) and has consistently demonstrated success rates close to one hundred present. Dr Nie is a widely respected practitioner both in China and UK and has been referred to as ‘Magic Hands’ by some of her patients.